CHAPTER 6.5. County of San Diego Independent Redistricting Commission [21550. - 21550.]

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  • 21550.

    (a)As used in this section, the following terms have the following meanings:

    (1)"Board" means the Board of Supervisors of the County of San Diego.

    (2)"Clerk" means the clerk of the Board of Supervisors of the County of San Diego.

    (3)"Commission" means the Independent Redistricting Commission established by subdivision (b).

    (b)(1)There is, in the County of San Diego, an Independent Redistricting Commission.

    (2)The commission shall be comprised of five members and two alternates who shall each meet the following qualifications:

    (A)Be a resident of the County of San Diego.

    (B)Be a registered voter of the County of San Diego.

    (C)Be a former or retired state or federal judge.

    (D)Not be a current member of the board.

    (3)Any interested person meeting the qualifications specified in paragraph (2) may submit his or her name to the clerk to be included in a random drawing. The clerk shall conduct a random drawing at a regularly scheduled meeting of the board to select the members of the commission.

    (4)The presiding judge of the Superior Court of the County of San Diego may assist the clerk in identifying former or retired judges that may be qualified to be included in the drawing.

    (c)(1)The commission shall adjust the supervisorial district boundaries after each decennial federal census in accordance with this subdivision.

    (2)The commission shall adjust the boundaries of the supervisorial district of the county so that the districts are equal, or nearly equal in population. The commission may adjust some or all of the supervisorial district boundaries to accomplish this goal.

    (3)The resulting supervisorial districts shall comply with any applicable provisions of Section 1973 of Title 42 of the United States Code, as amended.

    (4)The commission may consider all of the following factors in establishing the boundaries of the supervisorial districts:



    (C)Cohesiveness, contiguity, integrity, and compactness of territory.

    (D)Community of interests in each district.

    (5)The commission shall utilize federal census tracts and blocks in establishing the boundaries of supervisorial districts.

    (d)The board shall provide for reasonable staffing and logistical support for the commission.

    (e)The commission shall be subject to the Ralph M. Brown Act (Chapter 9 (commencing with Section 54950) of Part 1 of Division 2 of Title 5 of the Government Code), and shall conduct at least seven public hearings with at least one public hearing held in each supervisorial district.

    (f)(1)The commission shall adopt a redistricting plan adjusting the boundaries of the supervisorial districts, as specified in subdivision (c), and shall file the plan with the clerk prior to the first day of October of the year following the year in which each decennial federal census is taken.

    (2)The plan shall be effective 30 days after it is filed with the clerk.

    (3)The plan shall be subject to referendum in the same manner as ordinances. is a free resource provided by the Foundation for Continuing Justice, a California based non-profit law firm.