ARTICLE 10. Republican Presidential Primary Ballot [6480. - 6480.]

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  • 6480.

    The format of the presidential portion of the Republican primary ballot shall be governed by Chapter 2 (commencing with Section 13100) of Division 13, with the following exceptions:

    (a)Instructions to voters shall exclude any reference to groups of candidates preferring a person whose name appears on the ballot or references to any group of candidates not expressing a preference for a particular candidate.

    (b)In place of the heading: "for delegates to national convention. Vote for One Group Only." shall appear the heading: "presidential preference. Vote for One."

    (c)Candidates for President shall be listed on the ballot in the same order provided for in Chapter 2 (commencing with Section 13100) of Division 13 for statewide candidates.

    (d)Only the names of selected and unselected presidential candidates shall appear on the ballot in the spaces provided. No reference shall be made to their being preferred by candidates for delegates to the national convention. is a free resource provided by the Foundation for Continuing Justice, a California based non-profit law firm.