CHAPTER 2. Presidential Electors [7300. - 7300.]

Law Codes -> Elections Code -> Article 7300 to 7300

  • 7300.

    In each year of the general election at which electors of President and Vice President of the United States are to be chosen, the Republican nominees for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Treasurer, Controller, Attorney General, and Secretary of State, the Republican nominees for United States Senator at the last two United States senatorial elections, the Assembly Republican leader, the Senate Republican leader, all elected officers of the Republican State Central Committee, the National Committeeman and National Committeewoman, the President of the Republican County Central Committee Chairmen's Association, and the chairperson or president of each Republican volunteer organization officially recognized by the Republican State Central Committee shall act as presidential electors, except that Senators, Representatives, and persons holding an office of trust or profit of the United States shall not act as electors. The remaining presidential elector positions, and any vacant positions, shall be filled by appointment of the chairperson of the Republican State Central Committee in accordance with the bylaws of the committee. The name, residence address, and business address of each appointee shall be filed with the Secretary of State by October 1 of the presidential election year. The Republican State Central Committee shall adopt bylaws implementing this section. is a free resource provided by the Foundation for Continuing Justice, a California based non-profit law firm.