ARTICLE 1. Findings and Declarations [1130. - 1130.]

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  • 1130.

    The Legislature hereby makes the following findings and declarations:

    Relations between organized labor and management in this state have for many years been marked by a mature adherence to the principles of good faith, collective bargaining and mutual respect for the rights, interest and well-being of working people, business and industry. The importation or use in this state of professional strikebreakers as replacements during a strike or lockout endangers such sound and beneficial relations between labor and management.

    Experience in this state and in other parts of this country demonstrates that the utilization of professional strikebreakers in labor disputes is inimical to the public welfare and good order, in that such practices tend to produce and prolong industrial strife, frustrate collective bargaining and encourage violence, crimes and other disorders.

    The aforementioned evils are beyond the regulation of applicable federal law, and the mitigation and correction thereof requires the exercise of the police power of this state. is a free resource provided by the Foundation for Continuing Justice, a California based non-profit law firm.