ARTICLE 2.2. Self-Employment Assistance Program [1300. - 1300.]

Law Codes -> Unemployment Insurance Code -> Article 1300 to 1300

  • 1300.

    The Legislature finds that the traditional system of unemployment compensation is primarily designed to provide income support for workers who are temporarily laid off or expect to be unemployed for only a short time. However, increasing numbers of workers are losing their jobs permanently due to rapid technological change, elimination of trade barriers, and similar causes. These workers need additional tools besides the basic income maintenance provided by the unemployment compensation system in order to reenter the workforce. For some of those workers, access to a self-employment program would be the best path for them to do so. Accordingly, it is the purpose of this article to authorize the payment of unemployment compensation benefits, and to provide appropriate training and support services, for eligible dislocated workers who wish to become self-employed in their transition back into the workforce. is a free resource provided by the Foundation for Continuing Justice, a California based non-profit law firm.