ARTICLE 3. Disability Benefit Payment Account [3075. - 3075.]

Law Codes -> Unemployment Insurance Code -> Article 3075 to 3075

  • 3075.

    The director shall, without presenting vouchers and itemized statements, withdraw from the Disability Fund any sums that he or she deems necessary for the payment of disability benefits for a reasonable future period. The Controller shall draw his or her warrant for any claim presented by the director for the payment and the Treasurer shall pay the warrant. Upon the withdrawal thereof, those sums shall be deposited in a disability benefit payment account in such bank or public depositary and under those conditions as the director determines, with the approval of the Department of Finance. The bank or public depositary shall be one in which general funds of the state may be deposited, but no public deposit insurance charge or premium shall be paid out of that account. Money in this account shall be used solely to pay disability benefits by the department pursuant to authorized regulations and no other disbursement shall be made from that account, except that amounts erroneously and illegally deposited in that account may be refunded. The procedure prescribed by those regulations shall satisfy and be in lieu of any and all statutory requirements of specific appropriation or other form of release by state officers of money in their custody prior to expenditure that might otherwise be applicable to withdrawals from that account. is a free resource provided by the Foundation for Continuing Justice, a California based non-profit law firm.