ARTICLE 2.5. California Workforce and Economic Information Program [10529. - 10529.]

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  • 10529.

    (a)The services provided by the existing labor market information system within the department shall include workforce and economic information that does all of the following:

    (1)Provides data and information to the state Workforce Investment Board created pursuant to Section 2821 of Title 29 of the United States Code, to enable the board to plan, operate, and evaluate investments in the state's workforce preparation system that will make the California economy more productive and competitive.

    (2)Provides data and information for continuous strategic planning and the development of policies for the growth and competitiveness of the California economy.

    (3)Identifies and combines information from various state data bases to produce useful, geographically based analysis and products, to the extent possible using existing resources.

    (4)Provides technical assistance related to accessing workforce and economic information to local governments, public-sector entities, research institutes, nonprofit organizations, and community groups that have various levels of expertise, to the extent possible using existing resources.

    (b)The department shall coordinate with the State Department of Education, the Chancellor of the California Community Colleges, the State Department of Social Services, the California Postsecondary Education Commission, the Department of Finance, and the Franchise Tax Board in developing economic and workforce information. The department shall also solicit input in the operation of the program from public and private agencies and individuals that make use of the labor market information provided by the department. is a free resource provided by the Foundation for Continuing Justice, a California based non-profit law firm.